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When Do You Need A Tree Permit In Toronto?

In the City of Toronto, any tree that has a diameter of 30cm or greater, measured at 1.4m above grade level, requires a permit or permit exception from the City of Toronto in order to be legally removed. At Higher Place Tree Care, we routinely obtain permits and permit exceptions. We can advise you of when a permit or permit exception is required and facilitate the application process for you. If you require a Toronto Tree Removal Permit or Permit Exception or aren’t sure, contact us today and we’d be happy to advise you.

As a condition of a permit being issued, replacement planting is required on the property that the tree was removed from. In cases where there is insufficient space for replacement trees to be planted, The City of Toronto will accept a cash in lieu of planting payment for each tree being removed.

Toronto Tree Permits

For non-construction related tree removal permits, a permit application to injure or remove trees must be submitted to the city along with an arborist report that details the size, species, location, condition and reason for removal for the tree(s) in question. A replanting plan must also be submitted which details the size, location and species of a replacement tree or trees.

A permit exception will only be issued by the City of Toronto if a tree or trees are deemed to be imminently hazardous, terminally diseased, or 100% dead. The City of Toronto doesn’t charge fees for permit exception requests and although it is encouraged, replacement planting is not required.

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Construction Related Tree Removal

Purpose Of The Toronto Private Tree By-law

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