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What Is A Tree Protection Plan?

Trees in urban areas are often in conflict with development and construction. When construction activity is taking place near trees, it is important to have a plan that lays out how those trees will be managed – especially when trees are to be preserved. Sometimes trees will need to be removed to allow for construction. Other times, it is possible to retain and protect trees that are in conflict with the proposed development.

A Tree Protection Plan or Tree Preservation Plan is a construction plan that shows the trees on and adjacent to a construction site, the details of construction and is prepared in conjunction with an arborist report.

A Tree Protection Plan Must Include:

  • An accurate tree survey of all trees on the subject property and, in some cases, adjacent to the subject property
  • All existing buildings, structures and hard surfaces
  • All proposed buildings, structures and hard surfaces
  • Proposed grading and site servicing
  • Trees to be injured or removed
  • Location and details of proposed excavation that will impact trees
  • Access for required for construction and equipment
  • Minimum TPZ (tree protection zone) for each tree to be preserved.
  • Location and type of tree protection hoarding to be installed
  • The extent of proposed tree injury
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