Tree Removal

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Why Do Trees Need To Be Removed?

At Higher Place Tree Care, our goal is to preserve and enhance trees, however, there are times when trees in Urban areas must be removed. There are many possible reasons why a residential or commercial property owner would need to hire a tree removal specialist to remove a tree or trees on their property including: dead trees, hazardous trees, terminally diseased trees, trees that have grown in a poor location and are no longer maintainable, or trees that are in conflict with approved development and construction. If you are in need of tree or shrub removal in Toronto, please contact us today for a quote.

We Can Help With Your Tree Removal Permit

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At Higher Place tree care we are able to grind stumps of all sizes.

We Are Fully Certified, Qualified, And Insured

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Why Hire a Qualified Arborist?

We Use The Latest Tree Removal Equipment

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Need a Professional To Remove Your Tree Safely? We Can Help!