Tree Stump Removal (Stump Grinding)

Tree stump removal

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What is Stump Grinding?

TreeStump removal or stump grinding refers to the process of using specialized machinery to grind tree stumps below grade level. In residential and commercial settings, property owners often want tree stumps ground out for aesthetic reasons, to eliminate trip hazards or to use the space occupied by the stump for other purposes. Stumps that are not removed will decay and can grow back, depending on species. 

Safe Tree Stump Removal

We arrange for buried utility locates prior to grinding the stump to help ensure there is no damage to buried utilities (this is a legal requirement and should always be done). Once locates are obtained, we then schedule and carry out the stump grinding. Typically, we remove enough of the stump grinding debris (stump grindings) to level the area where the stump was located. Stump grindings make excellent mulch and can be left behind on site at the owner’s request.

Whether you just had us remove a tree for you or you have an old stump on your property that you want gone, Higher Place Tree Care can take care of your tree stump removal.

Removing a large tree stump

At Higher Place tree care we are able to grind stumps of all sizes.

Icon image of a tree stump

At Higher Place Tree Care We Are Able To Grind Stumps Of All Sizes