Tree Risk Assessment

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The Benefits of Having Trees

Trees are a community asset, particularly in the urban environment, that provide numerous benefits. The presence of mature trees in urban areas shape the character of these places and bring an important aspect of the natural world into an otherwise manmade setting. Some of the benefits trees provide include: enhanced air quality, stormwater management, increased property values, cooling from shade, aesthetic significance and habitat for wildlife, among many others.

Tree Owner Responsibilities

Despite the immense benefits trees provide, they also pose a risk to people, property, and activities. Tree owners have a duty of care to ensure their trees do not pose an unreasonable level of risk. It is not possible to eliminate all risks associated with trees – unless they are completely removed. Therefore, a systematic approach is required to assess and manage the risks posed by trees.

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What is Tree Risk Assessment?

TRAQ Qualified Tree Risk Assessor

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A Tree Risk Assessment by a Qualified Arborist Will Give You Peace of Mind